Thursday, 28 January 2010


For my final major project, I want to demonstrate an advanced range of editorial make up skills, and express my passion for prosthetic make up in TV and film.

For the past three years of my course I have taken influence from a huge range of fashion and editorial make up designs, as well as the use of prosthetic and special fx make up in horror films. My aim is to explore new ways of combining these two elements, using my artistic way of thinking, from a mixture of influences I have taken over the past years from mixed media artists, graphic designers which have given me an eye for compositional structure , love for texture and thread which I started using at art foundation, music, and passion for sfx films.

I'll produce a range of make up designs, from which I will choose several to develop further for a series of photo shoots. From these, I will make decisions on which ones I can use and adapt for my trailer.

I have explored new ways of combining the two mediums. The contemporary zombie characteristics with my own interpretation using mixed media and textures, along with the editorial approach, have an extraordinary effect. I want to use all these elements to push the boundaries of make up, merging film and fashion with a unique artistic approach.

The idea of the trailer for a film, means that in addition to my portfolio, I can use it to show my work, and give myself the edge on other more traditional make up artists. I can also put it on my website, as I believe the moving image is an effective and powerful way of showing my make up designs, as you get a three dimensional view of the make up instead of a flat image.

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