Saturday, 30 January 2010

Target Market

My initial thought before starting this project was... 'What am I going to get out of it once I've finished??'

- A finished product to show the directors and make up artists that I would like to work with.

- A really good portfolio for interviews.

- The experience of having to organise and co-ordinate an ambitious project from conception to the finished product - the best way to learn the whole process of what goes on!

Once I've finished my degree I want to work in the film industry doing prosthetic make up. We've touched on prosthetic make up on our course, however I am so keen to pursue it, and feel I have a flair for it, that I've taught myself the basics (I learned some at Charles Fox when I worked there) through endless practice and research .

My target market will be film directors and specialised SFX make up artists that I'd like to work with or assist. I will need to make sure my trailer is outstanding and combines the skills I've learnt in a contemporary and innovative way, so that my work gets chosen over my competitors. Its tough out there and I want to be at the top of my game!

I must research successful SFX make up artists and who is doing what on major films so I can get an idea of what they may be looking for.

The film trailer itself will be aimed at an 18 to 30 age group as its contemporary and stylish as well as a horror film. It will not be suitable for children under 18 and will be directed mainly for horror movie fans, as well as anyone who likes abstract art in film form.

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