Tuesday, 4 May 2010


I'll be handing in my Final Major Project tomorrow. At this moment, I feel like one of the characters in my zombie trailer, without the blood!

What I will include:

Final film trailer, 'Payback'. Edited by Stephanie Bourke
A blog displaying my Reflective Diary

In Appendices:

Directors cut of the trailer
Final edit of Directors cut
Final Images of Trailer Designs
Printed copy of Reflective Diary
Sketchbook of Designs

I request for my Trailers to be viewed on a good quality projector with high volume and dimmed lights to improve the intense atmosphere. Thank you.

My Reflective Diary blog shows some images that relate to what I am writing about, however I've decided to include my 'final designs' in a separate appendices along with both versions of Anthony's cuts of the trailer so that they are easier to be viewed and referred to.

Click on the link below to view the three zombie trailer versions such as the Directors cut, Final Directors cut and The final zombie trailer edited by Stephanie Bourke.


I hope you enjoy it...

Sunday, 2 May 2010

Final Trailer

Today I picked up both trailers, from Steph and Anthony, which I'm extremely pleased with, especially Steph's.

Final Trailer: I like the way it tells the story and focuses on the make up, and at the same time makes your heart race with excitement. It ticks all the boxes on the brief exactly as I intended. It showcases my make up really well, in a visually entertaining way and in keeping with the zombie theme. In producing this trailer I've learnt so much from being involved in the whole process of making a trailer from start to finish, and in doing so learnt a great deal about film production techniques from having to do it myself, such as filming, lighting, camera operating, editing, organisation skills as well as working as part of a team and creative thinking. Throughout this process, I have also come a long way in fine-tuning my skills as a make up designer. These are all skills that I intend to build on and will apply to work in the film industry, when I finish, which is the path I wish to take. Undertaking this project and working as part of a film production team, has made me even more determined to pursue a career in this area of the industry.

I have also really enjoyed the editorial aspect through practicing all my shoots and have undoubtedly improved my photographic make up skills. This has also given me an eye for detail which is especially vital on still photographs as every fine detail shows up and has to be absolutely perfect. I have also learnt that you must look out for these minute details like wayward hair, or shiny skin, from behind the camera as often the photographer doesn't see them at the time. As a make up artist I have learnt that you work with the photographer to get everything as near to perfection as possible, as re-touching afterwards is time consuming and expensive.

I've also learnt how to be really quick with make up both for photography as well as film. I had a restricted time of 20 minutes per zombie when we shot the trailer, and in industry speed is really important as you don't want everyone on set to be waiting for the make up artist.


I decided to call my trailer 'Payback' as I wanted something that was going to short and snappy and something that would relate to the trailer.

Payback Definition:

1. The act or process of paying back
2. A benefit gained as the result of a previous action

Both these definitions of the word 'Payback' are evident within the narrative of my trailer. In the directors cut you see Anthony putting money back in the till which is a form of paying back. He is warned that if he doesn't put things right then he will have to suffer the consequences, which in other words means he will have to pay for what he has done.

In Steph's trailer edit, 'Payback' isn't an obvious connection as her trailer edit doesn't follow a strong narrative but shows 'payback' more visually as at the beginning Ant takes a pill he thinks will allow him to do whatever he wants, there's 'payback' as more zombies start to appear.

Its all about the 'payback' he receives for doing a deal with the 'dark side'.

It is an enigmatic word that doesn't give too much away, and as it is only a one word title, is quite punchy.