Tuesday, 4 May 2010


I'll be handing in my Final Major Project tomorrow. At this moment, I feel like one of the characters in my zombie trailer, without the blood!

What I will include:

Final film trailer, 'Payback'. Edited by Stephanie Bourke
A blog displaying my Reflective Diary

In Appendices:

Directors cut of the trailer
Final edit of Directors cut
Final Images of Trailer Designs
Printed copy of Reflective Diary
Sketchbook of Designs

I request for my Trailers to be viewed on a good quality projector with high volume and dimmed lights to improve the intense atmosphere. Thank you.

My Reflective Diary blog shows some images that relate to what I am writing about, however I've decided to include my 'final designs' in a separate appendices along with both versions of Anthony's cuts of the trailer so that they are easier to be viewed and referred to.

Click on the link below to view the three zombie trailer versions such as the Directors cut, Final Directors cut and The final zombie trailer edited by Stephanie Bourke.


I hope you enjoy it...

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