Sunday, 2 May 2010


I decided to call my trailer 'Payback' as I wanted something that was going to short and snappy and something that would relate to the trailer.

Payback Definition:

1. The act or process of paying back
2. A benefit gained as the result of a previous action

Both these definitions of the word 'Payback' are evident within the narrative of my trailer. In the directors cut you see Anthony putting money back in the till which is a form of paying back. He is warned that if he doesn't put things right then he will have to suffer the consequences, which in other words means he will have to pay for what he has done.

In Steph's trailer edit, 'Payback' isn't an obvious connection as her trailer edit doesn't follow a strong narrative but shows 'payback' more visually as at the beginning Ant takes a pill he thinks will allow him to do whatever he wants, there's 'payback' as more zombies start to appear.

Its all about the 'payback' he receives for doing a deal with the 'dark side'.

It is an enigmatic word that doesn't give too much away, and as it is only a one word title, is quite punchy.

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