Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Tutorial Feedback

I went to my tutorial today and showed them my sketchbook of designs. They were impressed with them visually and were excited to see the finished images from the shoot. I will need to develop these designs and use fine artists' work to inspire some more ideas on how to use different mark making effect. I'll also look at their approach to composition and the different ways they modify their work. This will help me not only with my design process, but also the artistic application of make up on my models face. I consider my self an artist who uses make up but there are no rules in what make! Therefore I can explore different ways of applying mixed media and painting onto the face just as a fine artist does on a canvas. I feel that there should be no limits with make up, and I want to push this forward and create interesting and original designs.

I also explained my project: that I was doing a trailer for a horror/zombie film. Ant is directing, and I am discussing my ideas because I'd like him to film it in a way that will showcase the make up. I'll probably need to get my friend Steph to edit a second version that will purely focus on the make up with the story taking second place. This one will be an expression of conceptual thinking, with plenty of horror. Inspiration will be varied, taken from illustration, graphics, horror films, intense heavy grime music, distortion and disfigurement, and the abnormal. I will document the design thought process and inspiration references in a blog which is a way to show my development and ideas. This will also be an easy link to show directors and make up artists I wish to work with in future.


I was told to research and view horror films that use SFX make up and see how I can interpret the same visual experience. Also it will give me an idea of how horror films are created when I get round to filming for my trailer. Also stylised films, see how they create their ideas and how I can differ my work from theirs - my competitors. See what stylised films are out there and how can I make mine better and different.

I have been advised to watch 'The 5th Element' and any other Luc Besson films and take note of the make up and styling they use. Star Wars and Moulin Rouge have extreme make up designs that create a visual feast for the viewer and is partly why the films are so entertaining.

I need to consider why I am developing particular designs and how they fit in the trailer. Who is my target market? What is my reason for doing a trailer and how do my research and ideas develop into producing the trailer.

To answer these questions I have written myself a brief so that I will be able to refer back regularly to keep focussed, and everything is explained. I have also distinguished my target market and displayed it on my blog. It will also explain my motivation as a make up artist and why my project idea is so different from any other. This is vital to give me a head start on other make up artists, both established or newbie, in this very competitive industry. I know I'm very competent, I'm certainly very enthusiastic, I just need to show it, and get my work seen by as many people as possible in order to succeed.

Note: research America's next top model - death murder scenes. It will give me examples of how horror and film can be combined with fashion and editorial. Which is something I wish to achieve within my project.

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