Friday, 12 February 2010

Dissertation Horror Make up Clip

Please watch my video clip made from a series of images that show the stages of horror make up from 'subtle to scary' showing the impact of the build up. I collaged over some of the images for more fear factor, and the video clip was edited by 'Stephanie Bourke'.

This has been a major inspiration as I love the way it has been edited with scary flashing effects which enhances the tension which is also supported by the intense music to thrill the viewer which was the intention.

I want to create a similar effect for my trailer as I feel it is a good way of exhibiting the make up and creating a shocking yet effective way to entertain. Because Steph edited that clip I have asked her to do a seperate version of the trailer in a similar was to this one that will be an abstract trailer focusing on my make up but setting a thrilling atmosphere which will reflect the horror theme.

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