Saturday, 6 March 2010

Renaissance shoot

Today I did another of my photo shoots with photographer Kimberley Garrod, who I work with at Double Take Studios, which is where we did the shoot. This was based on a mixture of styles contrasting the traditional Renaissance hair, pale skin and elegant figure; with dark almost gothic eyes, lips and structured cheekbones. I wanted this shoot to be fashion and editorial based whilst taking elements from old school horror films like Dracula where the heroine is quite glamorous with dark, edgy make up, which ties in with the zombie aspect. I didn't want the make up to be a typical zombie style as I wanted it to contrast with my other shoots, and use subtle qualities in the make up and hair to simply suggest it. For example, her poses - quite awkward and zombie like, but totally different to my other shoots. The hair is based on a typical Renaissance hair style - I wanted to create shape and texture to the hair and this old school hair style contrasted well with the modern make up. My model who Kimberley found at a model agency in Bournemouth, had beautiful bone structure, however she had really bad acne on her chin which I managed to cover with a thick Dermacolour concealer, so that it wasn't seen on camera.

Instead of using white contact lenses, I used black and white eye shadow to represent the white eyes of a zombie. I also edited some of them in black and white with a grainy filter which creates the traditional old style horror movie element.

I was really pleased with the pictures and the only editing needed was to achieve grainy effects.

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