Thursday, 18 March 2010

Club Kids...

In order for me to create an idea that's Club Kids themed, but still fits my zombie trailer, I'll have to combine the two themes. I'll use elements of horror to tie in with the outrageous and eccentric Club Kids.

Here is some information on what Club Kids are ...

The 'Club Kids' were a group of young New York City club characters in the late 1980's and early 1990's. The Club Kids group were mostly led by Michael Alig and James St.James, and were distinguished by their outrageous costumes and extensive drug use. The Club Kids influence grew quickly and nightclubs started to pay leader Michael Alig just to show up with his entourage of Club Kids to draw in more customers to the clubs and add a little variety to their night life. Micheal and the Club Kids began holding illegal parties in various public places including a donut shop, the old high line tracks, and the New York subway.

The Club Kids style and influence is still evident in fashion today only adapted slightly to suit a certain trend. In Soho there are a lot of Club Kid style social places and nightclubs.

Micheal Alig as a club kid:

A modern day club kid:

Club Kids style can be shocking, individual and quirky as it's a way to express your personality, and how you like to be perceived.

'Illamasqua' is a new make up brand which takes its influence from the 'alternative Club Kids scene' and believes its an 'expression of their darker side and release of their alto ego'.

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