Thursday, 25 March 2010

Club Kids inspiration...

This image is Club Kid style. I like the way his face is really pale and the make up is dark and vibrant around his eyes. The blusher and shading on the contours really sculpts his face and adds depth, which is something I want to achieve in my design.

This is a typical Club Kids style make up, especially around the eyes. I like the way he has outlined his eyes bringing it to a point towards his nose giving a defined shape and pattern. I also like the layering of colour, although I'm not a fan of the colours he has chosen. I want to do a similar design, but will use more muted colours and darker, edgier colours and tones to accentuate my zombie design.

The make up on this Club Kid is really well applied and the eyes are perfectly clean and neat. I like the use of white and black eyeliner which give a great shape. I want to use white on the eyes of my model to lift the dark make up I'll use under the eyebrows, which will also draw attention to the white contacts I'll be putting in my model's eyes.

These three images are all great examples of contrasting Club Kids. I'll be able to pick out similar factors from this make up and apply these techniques to my designs, making sure it it remains within my zombie brief.

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