Sunday, 21 March 2010

Infintity Zombie shoot - CONTACT LENSES

You can see below the step by step edit of my infinity zombie. It shows the initial make up look to the retouched version.

For my first zombie editorial shoot I used white contact lenses. However on the day of the shoot my model couldn't get them in his eyes... After a few attempts we had to move on with the shoot otherwise we would run out of time. Therefore the only way to complete the zombie look would be to edit the eyes to make them look white and zombiefied. The photographer managed to photoshop the eyes by taking another image of white zombie eyes and pasting it onto my models eyes. It ended up looking extremely effective as it was in fact a brighter white than the contact lenses would have been.

I managed to turn the negative of not being able to use the contact lenses into a positive, as they looked just as effective if not more. However I will need to practice putting the contact lenses in as gently as possible, so that in future it won't take up so much time or ruin the make up. Photoshopping the white eyes in is effective but too time consuming and expensive to do. Even though I used this negative to my advantage for the photograph, I will need to use contact lenses for the trailer.

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