Friday, 26 March 2010

Practicing my Graduate make up..

I have practiced using greasepaint and aquacolor on the skin, to see which would work better for my Club Kid/zombie design.

I have concluded that aquacolor is easier to use and looks the most effective. When I applied the greasepaint I had to keep powdering over the top and for some reason it went really patchy. Also, if it dropped and I had to wipe it away, it would smudge a lot easier which made the make up really messy and took more time. The colour of the aquacolor wasn't as intense, but once I'd powdered and blended with a similar shade, it worked well and was quicker.

We have been told that 'Illamasqua' are supplying us with some of their make up. I have looked online and seen that they have a black lipgloss, so I will have to baggsy that as it'll look amazing on my models and will tie in with the dark make up.

List of make up I will need...

Aqua pallette - White and purple for the eyes/black eyeliner

Mac pallette - I will blend the purple on the eyes and also use as a
blusher, with pearl as a highlighter

Bobbi Brown eyeline gel - Black under the eyes

Mascara - Black on the eyes

Mac full coverage - White for foundation base and neck

Powder - Translucent to set the make up

N0 7 Lipstick - Black for the lips

Lipgloss - Clear (hopefully the Illamasque)

Thread - In Black to stick across the mouth

Spirit Gum/remover - To stick and remove the thread.

I will bring my normal kit as well, but if I pack all these essential things it will save time.

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