Monday, 8 March 2010

Trailer Narrative

Anthony and I got together for a meeting how I was going to adapt his script to fit my brief. We went through each scene carefully, and discussed how we could make the script more make up focused. As we thought of ideas, we wrote it down and this is what we finalised:-

The story is...... A boy is given an 'infinity' pill by a dark and mysterious man, and is told to take it if he wants to 'stop time' and 'achieve the impossible'. The boy takes the pill and finds that the city has frozen... He steals money from shops, a laptop from a house, and explores this new experience. He begins to realise that the world he has reached isn't as fun as he thought, and then zombies begin to appear. He goes back to the man who gave him the pill, and is told that the more bad things he does, the worse it will get and the more zombies will appear. He tries to redeem himself by going back and putting things right, but its too late. After a vicious zombie chase he is bitten on the neck where an 'infinity' symbol is branded on his neck. The infinity symbol scars the skin once you have been bitten - does this mean the boy has become a zombie?

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