Monday, 22 March 2010

New Design Idea

I have a new design idea for my next shoot on the 20th April. It's inspired by a number of things. I have been researching Marlene Dumas work recently, and looking at how she paints with ink and the different tones and marks she creates just by adding water. Therefore I want to create something a little similar but as a make up base. The shades in her paintings are monochrome as she uses ink, and are therefore based on greys. I want to re-create the marks and different shades on my model's face to enhance certain features and make her look more zombied and vacuous.

Whilst at the library I managed to find a copy of Make Up Artist magazine number 83 issue, which had one of Alex Box's images as front cover. I love the way Alex Box uses blocks of colour on the face to create depth, I will try and use a similar technique and apply it to my model's face but keeping with cool colours to make the face look sculpted.

In the same Alex Box image, there are twig like lines coming out of her eyebrows which are drawn on extremely finely. I will practice applying them to my model, only making mine look like veins to fit with my zombie horror theme.

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