Sunday, 28 March 2010

Alex Box - inspiration from Make Up Artist Magazine

This image is for me a work of art and I see it as more of a painting than an editorial photoshoot.
...But what makes it so artistic?

Alex Box uses blocks of tonal colour and shades to create a sculptural element in her work and this is something that I want to take and use in my own style.

For my next photoshoot I will be using the image as a main source of inspiration and I will use similar techniques. I want to create in my image a sinister, edgy and somewhat deathly atmosphere, therefore I will use a build up of colour laying techniques with cool, moody tones and shades. I will emphasise the contours and create structural shapes and definition to enhance my models features for the headshot. I will concentrate on defining the key elements that suggest horror and fit with a zombie related design.

For Example:-

The mouth area where a zombie would bite and chew off anything it can get its hands on, there would be a lot of dirt and blood on the mouth, therefore I will use dark red tones on the lips mixed with the grey inky tones.

I will be using a white Mac full coverage mixed with a touch of grey greasepaint as a base to re-create the sinister look inspired by Dumas' paintings.

The nose, where the zombie has aggressively crashed into things breaking or damaging the skin and maybe breaking the bone and altering its shape.

The eyes are important as on this particular shoot I may not use contact lenses, so therefore I will have to lighten her eyes underneath to make them stand out and look blank and staring, I will accentuate them further by adding some red underneath.

The cheek bones will have to be defined to make them look gaunt and deathly. I will angle the eyebrows to fit in with the veins that will branch off towards the forehead to suggest anger and frowning.

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