Monday, 19 April 2010


Anthony was meant to be arriving back today as we are filming the last scene in two days, on the 21st, its extremely unlikely he will be back in time. However I am more worried that he won't be back in time to give Steph the footage and therefore she won't be able to edit our version in time and I won't have my trailer to hand in!!!!

I am in a complete panic, but there's nothing I can do but wait to see what happens. I have thought of various contingency plans which involve raiding his home to get the footage that we've already shot, but at the moment I can't get hold of him.

I will be able to work around the last scene in Lennons even if we have to cut his part out, however I just pray that he is able to get home soon, otherwise I'm stuffed. I have been checking the flights daily and it's looking slightly better today. I have textd Anthony to ask what's happening his end, as worst case scenario would be for me to go and get the footage from his house, but he's just replied that it's in his bedroom which is locked!! Fingers crossed...

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