Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Editing Meeting

Anthony is finally back, and today we had a meeting with Steph to view Anthony's directors cut, and discuss what we liked, and what could be re-edited, and to discuss how Steph's version will differ to Ant's. Somehow Ant wasn't able to send the footage over to Steph via 'you send it' so we had to upload it, then transfer it onto Steph's hard drive. She will then edit another version of the trailer showcasing my make up with a totally different style, so I have a contrast between the two. One will be a traditional trailer for a film, and shows key points of the story to draw the viewer in and make them want to watch it. It also gives an idea of the genre of the film and the viewer an idea of what they can expect the film to be roughly about. The other, edited by Steph, will showcase the make up and is to be geared towards an abstract interpretation of the trailer, collaging shots of imagery to shock the audience. Intense music will get pulses racing, and the trailer is intended to be a tense journey of emotions for the viewer, from fear right through to a visual spectacle.

I will be handing in Steph's version of the trailer as we have edited it in a way that not only showcases my make up, but is a far more edgy and contemporary than Anthony's cut. Anthony's trailer cut is longer than Steph's however hers is more to the point and contains exactly what is needed in terms of make up. I have researched other trailers to see their time duration such as 28 Days Later at 1:28, Shaun Of the Dead at 1:39 and Creep at 1:46. The majority I have looked at have been between 1 and 2 minutes therefore Steph's cut fits within the average trailer time.

However I will include Anthony's directors cut version, to the appendices to show that first edit, as it still meets my brief and satisfies my target market. I also worked with him on a final cut which I will also include to show the changes between them, and also to show the contrast between Anthony's final cut version and Stephanie's version.

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