Monday, 5 April 2010

Graduate Film Re-shoot

I was disappointed that the photos taken of my Graduate Film make up design weren't very good and the file was too small to be able to use. Therefore I booked the studio and today I intend to re-create the look for a re-shoot.

Some things turned out better, and some I thought didn't look as good as when I did it for the graduate film.

I learnt from last time that it's better to use aqua color rather than grease and then blend in using a similar shade in powder, so it looked more blended and the colour was brighter. I remembered this time to place some loose translucent powder under her eyes before starting, to stop the make up from marking her cheek if it dropped, making it easier to correct and that saves time.

On the day of the Graduate Film I luckily got to use Illamasqua's black lipgloss which unfortunately wasn't available to use on my shoot, so I had to make use with a deep purple lipstick with gloss over the top. I preferred the Illamasqua gloss but never mind, it looked fine.

I used eyelashes, however the glue I used wasn't very good so they were coming off slightly. Lee, who was the photographer on my last shoot as well, covered it up on photoshop.
I'm also a perfectionist!

Apart from that I was extremely happy with the images and they were photoshopped well by Lee, in a similar way to the last set. The tattoo across her chest really complimented the make up and looked great as part of the composition in the photo.

Because the make up is detailed and complicated, I wanted to keep the hair simple, so I backcombed it up and pinned it to one side revealing the other side shaven. This was similar to the film shoot, although I clipped her fringe to the side as I learnt from last time that it kept falling into her face.

I like the way Lee edited this image to look like it's moving. It almost looks like she is fighting to get the string off her face. The effects he has used in the top right hand corner indicate the horror theme and give character to the composition.

This is my favourite image of the three as the composition is great and cropped in the right place. The lighting highlights the make up and gives a dark, edgy feel to it. Also you can see the make up really well as she's looking down. Shame you can't see the white contact lenses which would give more 'zombie expression'.

I like the composition of this pic and the way it's made up of horizontal and vertical lines - the string and her tattoo going across, and her hair vertically connecting the two. Her eyes look a bit wonky though, as the contact lense seems to have moved 'up' a bit on her right eye!

I guess this is ok though as it looks more zombie like!

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