Monday, 5 April 2010

Casting call for cast and crew on

This is the casting call I did on which a site for production people to network and find jobs. I did the same for model mayhem and purestorm, to advertise for actors and a lighting guy. Its a good way of finding talented people who want work experience for their CV and portfolio. I've been booked from this site in the past for photo shoots and work experience, such as a short horror film produced by a student studying film and production at Solent University. For this, I had to make up a character to look like she'd been stabbed to death. It was excellent work experience for me as I was credited and will get a copy for my portfolio. It was also very good practice for working on film before this trailer, and have applied some of the skills I learnt such as how make up looks on screen, and how I need to exaggerate certain aspects of the make up such as the wounds, and also making foundation thicker because of the lighting.

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