Thursday, 8 April 2010

Edited Images

Eddie the photographer has just sent me back the photos he has edited and asked me which ones I prefer. Im not sure if I like the way he has edited them as I feel it doesn't do my make up justice!

These are the ones he sent:

I like the way the face is lit up and the background is dark. Im not that keen on the black frame so I might email him to ask if I would be able to get a copy without it.

This is my least favourite version. I think that the lighting is too dark which makes my make up look a little dirty looking especially on the forehead. I also dislike the orange tint to the lighting as I paled my models face down, the lighting has made her look tanned which isn't the look I wanted to achieve.

This is my personal favourite! I like the lighting being brighter as it makes her face look pale which is how I did the make up and wanted it to look. There is still something I'm not sure about but I cant quite put my finger on it.

Overall I am happy with last image but Eddie the photographer said that if I want any more edited photos he will do his best. He was extremely quick at sending the images and put them on a disc that he sent to my home so I am very grateful for his professionalism.

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