Thursday, 15 April 2010

Filming with HD

The film we used is HD. The reason why I wanted to do a trailer is because most things nowadays are made for the screen, whether it's for computer, TV or film. Even a portfolio of photographs can be viewed on an iphone or ipod. Many fashion companies are now using interactive media to promote their new collections, one of the newest is 'Fashion Film' see where designers can exhibit with exciting innovative videos that can be uploaded anywhere and therefore accessible for almost anyone. Fashion designer Gareth Pugh performs a series of make up applications which are not only clever but humorous too. Even though he is a fashion designer, not a make up artist, this is art and very entertaining, and would be a good marketing tool (see Gareth Pugh - MAKE-UP-ATHON).

High Definition (HD) adds realism to film because of the clear quality, but it makes a make up artists' job much more demanding. Every blemish is accentuated by HD and therefore make up standards need to be very high. Using HD will need a more thorough application of make-up to hide beard shadow and shine. Air brushing is an efficient way of applying flawless foundation for close HD filming, although on this shoot which was all on location, using an airbrush was not practical. Blood and sfx can tend to look over accentuated and particularly shiny on HD. Red becomes very bright, and as a make up artist I needed to be vigilant to make sure the make up was maintained throughout the shoot as everything shows up more on HD.

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