Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Filming the last scene in Lennons

I arrived at Lennons at 11am where Sparky was already waiting for me. He helped me set up the lights in the middle of the room. It's a small venue and the spotlights we had were extremely bright, but could be dimmed down if necessary, the lighting needs to look low. Unfortunately Sparkey had to go to Bournemouth so he couldn't stay to help. So the first thing goes wrong... one of the lights Uni gave me in the kit is broken....GREAT!! There would be no time to take it back and get another one as they're really slow there so I would be waiting too long.

I've had real difficulties finding models/actors last minute. Everyone is busy with their own separate projects and I made a casting call on 'model mayhem' and 'pure storm' (where my account got suspended and the casting call cancelled for putting up my email address, which 'apparently' you can't do!). So I set my facebook status to 'actors needed' and put a notice up in the performance department at uni, a few days ago but knowone has got back to me. Therefore my flatmate Jennie and good friend Heidi agreed to help me. They arrived at 12pm where I started on their make up which took a total of an hour.

The designs were simple as I had restricted time, I applied the 'infinity wound' on both their cheeks only on opposite sides so that for the scene where they are facing each other at the table, pretending they're not quite frozen and still moving a little, the 'infinity signs' not visible, they suddenly move their heads towards the camera with a sharp movement, and both reveal their 'infinity wounds' engraved on each cheek.


So.. not only is one of the lights broken, but the uni camera is also broken!!!!

I wanted to cry, I had rented out Lennon's, dragged my two friends there even though they had loads of their own work to be doing, and now there's no camera!!!

I had organised yesterday, to use my friend's camera which is HD but someone else was using it till 12pm. Well the time is now 1pm so I quickly ran over the road to Uni to meet my him and get the camera. I arrived back at 12.30 and finally we began to film the first shot.

This scene was to be filmed at the bar, however because I did the lighting not Giles Andrews, it wasn't well lit at all and the footage isn't good enough. I changed one of the lights around and got it as well lit as possible for the next shots. I filmed a few shots that I was happy with and thought they looked really cool as Heidi was great at acting like a zombie. I was able to get some real close ups of the make up which was the main thing.

Overall my day didn't go as well as planned with all the problems, although I managed to turn it round and make it work. I only hope the footage I've got is good enough to go on the trailer.

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