Sunday, 4 April 2010

The Bloody Zombie Pics!

These are my final images for the 'Bloody Zombie' shoot I did with photographer Lee Knight.
I am extremely happy with the final edited images as he has retouched them so that the lighting is sharp and clear, and brings out the colour in the make up. I like how he has added effects to make them look 'zombie action' like. I was worried about the hair, as I wished I had continued the blood into the hair however in these pics it doesn't stand out too much and I think it makes it look more editorial. I like the blurred vision effect in the pic where he is stretching out the beaded string as it looks like a caption or moving image.

My least favourite one is the third one down as I feel it isn't as strong as the rest, however I like how his eyes are wide spread and he is looking into the camera for impact.

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