Friday, 9 April 2010

Gagged to Death retouch sample

Jelena the re-toucher has sent me back her edited version of my image. I was not quite happy with the background as I felt it was a little too dark and undefined, so I have asked for it to be lighter and for her to photoshop white zombie eyes. He would be gagged and tortured because he has shown first signs of a zombie. From the image you can tell that he hasn't fully converted to a zombie as there is no indent mark of an infinity sign which occurs once you have turned into one.

Here is the first edit:

Here is the final edit:

Jelena has lightened the background which makes the make up stand out more. She has made is face lighter which also contrasts more with the wound creating more focus on the key aspect of the image which is the wound. The eyes have been photoshopped like I wanted to zombie eyes this completes the image and enhances the zombie characteristics to fit with the theme.

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