Monday, 12 April 2010

Character 2: Stephanie

Influence: a combination of 'bloody zombie shoot', 'gagged to death shoot' and the 'renaissance shoot'.

For Steph's make up design I wanted to create a mixture of designs from my photoshoots, because there were parts in each that I liked but wanted to contrast them to create the perfect combination of editorial vs film. I chose the editorial glamour side of the 'renaissance shoot'; big black eyes going into a point which turned to blood. I produced this effect as I wanted it to look stylized, with the impression that she's crying tears of blood. The whole point of these radical designs are that they are different from the average zombie and display a unique combination of style and realism. I also created a gorey wound similar to the effect created on Jodie, from the 'bloody zombie shoot'. I applied this mainly around the mouth to look like she had just been feasting on human flesh - a common zombie characteristic. I also applied a similar sort of wound on the side of her forehead so that balanced the overall design. To create these wounds I have to consider the cause, and in this case she was a blood thirsty zombie that was hungry for human meat. Therefore she wouldn't just have blood around her mouth, she would also be fighting for her food. That is why I applied another wound to her forehead and a lot of bruising around these wounds, as I picture her taking a beating from her victim before she defeats them. By combining the editorial glamour of big black eyes to symbolize her having a bruised eye, with the gory aspect of the design, I am successfully juxtaposing the two styles together to create a well constructed and balanced design. To finish off, we inserted a set of white contact lenses which contrasted well with her black eyes making them stand out.

How I created the make up:

To begin with I made sure her face was entirely clean. I then started with her base, a few shades lighter again using Mac full coverage with a translucent powder to set. Unlike the rest of the zombies, I had to put Steph's contact lenses in first as I didn't want to ruin any eye make up from watery eyes. I followed the same procedure as Jodie to get them in and after a few attempts they were in. Next, I patted on a thin layer of translucent powder under the eyes to catch any loose eye make up powder that dropped. For an intense colour on the eyes I opted for greasepaint with black powder over the top. I had tried in advance, a number of things such as Aquacolor, cream shadows, eyeshadows and eyeliner but greasepaint and powder worked best with the most intensity. I then blended it in with a fine line to the corner of the eye where I mixed it with red blood and extended the line to reach the the side of the nose at a point. Lastly I applied the gelatine and tissue to around the mouth area placed randomly to look like raised flesh and on the left side of her forehead. I followed the same process as I did with Jodie however I wanted it to be even more bloody as it was to be a freshly made wound. Therefore I needed to use a lot of running blood as well as congealed. As Steph was only my second zombie to be done, there would still be a few hours before filming and I applied the majority of the blood just before she was to go on set. I created a lot of bruising around the mouth area using a bruise wheel and my grease palette. I also used a hairpin to pat on fresh scratch to create fine scratch marks which looked effective. I learnt this method from attending my make up sessions with Sue.


Steph wore an average everyday black top, the opposite to Jodie's white top, as I wanted everyone different to make them all stand out individually on film.

What I would do differently: Next time I would make the eyebrows much darker, looking back I think they needed to be more defined with extra colour and shape. I have learnt now what shows up on camera well and although at the time her eyes looked really exaggerated I could in fact have coloured them right up, extending the brow further and following the shape even higher up her head, similar to the designs I did in the 'Club Kids Graduate' make up design.

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