Saturday, 10 April 2010

Another trailer meeting..

Today I went for another meeting with Ant to give him a list of dates to film the trailer. I have gathered together a list of actors to take part, what date and times they are available and a list of locations so that I can organise a call sheet. We went through the list and narrowed down a weekend in which the majority of cast and crew could attend and then any other filming needed can be done the following week. I contacted everyone on the list to confirm they were still available and committed to take part. A couple dropped out but I wasn't worried too much as I have cast double the amount I need as a back up plan, and I can always do with extras. I have learnt from past experiences that people let you down last minute therefore a couple of my friends who are sisters that used to do performing arts at college have said they will 100% take part and as they are close friends I know I can rely on them.

When I was thinking about the cast I wanted a diverse group with a variety of different backgrounds and a mixture of ages to represent real people as opposed to "good looking actors". I aspire to Dazed and Confused as it is an independent magazine that combines fashion with art, and known for using young up and coming British talent, you won't see the obvious and popular models and celebrities in this magazine. With a similar ethos in mind, the approach to my trailer will use a combination of fashion with film as opposed to fashion with art.

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