Monday, 26 April 2010

Editing with Steph..

I attended the edit with Steph as much as I could, to give my input. We used final cut, which is what most editing post houses use. It is valuable for me to understand how it works and familiarise myself with the programme in case I ever need to use it in the future.

We went through all the clips to sort them into sub menus such as Zombie/London/Ant and Jeremy folders.

We marked any good or bad takes.

We mapped on paper a rough storyboard to get a whole picture and structure.

I will need to finalise the music, and lay it down so we can cut images to it as it makes it easier to pace the project. Its easier to mix the music in final cut, two mixes of the same track mix in better when you want a faster pace.

We made a different folder of voice over clips to lay down over the track and cover certain images.

Then we started bringing in clips and putting them in an order We played it through a few times to see what needed adapting, and started putting on a few effects resembling cctv cameras to make it look like someone else was watching.

To add the titles, we downloaded fonts from the internet and imported them onto final cut.

My brief was to make a trailer focusing not only the storyline, but also the make up, so we picked shots that highlighted the make up with plenty of close ups. We avoided any dark shots and underground footage as the lighting was too poor and didn't work as well. The daylight shots worked best as they showed the make up well.

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