Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Shoot Day!

My Alex box shoot went really well! The photographer was excellent, he really knew what he was doing as the lighting was well lit and he took a great variety of poses so I had a selection to choose from.

The make up looked good, however I wish I hadn't used greasepaint to draw on the veins as once I powdered over the top I lost the paleness to the face a bit and it didn't look as clean as it had done initially. However I was still pleased. The lighting was extremely strong and so therefore I was constantly powdering my models make up! Next time I think I will make sure the base is extremely thick and powdered really well and then draw on the veins or whatever detail with aqua colour so that it looks sharp and doesn't smudge. I wanted the hair to be simple so that it didn't distract from the make up so I put her hair into loose curls and pinned them to one side.

Once we had finished the shoot he mentioned that he needed a make up artist for a shoot he was doing in May which is good for my portfolio. He said that he would edit a couple of photos straight away and then put them all on cd and send them to me in the post so that If I wanted any others he would just edit them for me - which was extremely nice of him!

Looking forward to seeing the finished image!

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